Hi, thanks for visiting! I'm Max (they/them) and I'm an independent artist from North Carolina. I specialize in art commissions, adoptable character designs and merch, and offer monthly rewards to Patreon supporters.I announce my art sales (commissions, adoptables, and merch) and share Patreon rewards with my supporters in my Discord server. You can chat and share your own art as well!

Commission status: CLOSED!

PWYW/Secret Commissions

These commissions are open to friends and patrons and include sketchy, experimental, or alt art medium options! These will often be messier and more freeform than my regular commissions, and quotes will vary depending on prompts, characters, etc.If you're interested, DM me on Patreon or Discord @ Dracononite.
I'd appreciate if you don't link this commissions page anywhere, thanks!

PWYW: $65+ USD

Anything from doodles to full color sketches or even roughly-painted or lineless pieces. Just tell me what you have in mind, or give me a budget and creative freedom!▸ A bust to a fullbody piece can be done. Sketchy, lineless, painted, limited palette, etc
▸ I can also do meme / reaction image drawovers for this, depending on the image (no drawovers of selfies/photos)
▸ Up to two characters per piece!
▸ Some creative freedom preferred, but keep in mind I will likely take the opportunity to experiment!

MS Paint Doodle: $90 USD

Doodles done in MS Paint! You'll be sent the sketch for approval.Some creative freedom is required for the posing since I have to squish them into a box, and some colors or markings may be simplified (especially gradients). But you can request a theme, motifs, items or expression for me to take inspiration from.

Pixel Sprite: $70 USD

Animated pixel sprites done in Piskels! I haven't done many in a while so may be a bit rusty, but I'd love to bring them back.▸ 4 frame per second "bouncing" animation done on a 32x32 pixel canvas. Can include arm/head/tail/wing bounce and simplified movements or expressions/emotes/sparkles/etc.
▸ Some creative freedom required - character designs and movements will need to be simplified a lot.
Includes 300x300px and 100x100px transparent GIFs

Sketchy Customs: $150+ USD

Sketchy custom designs can come with at least one fullbody and color palette, and can add an extra fullbody, detail shots, or items with larger budgets. I can also include info such as name/pronouns/species etc.▸ Includes anthro, humanoid, creatures, Pokemon, and AU designs for pre-existing characters (dragon, mermaid, centaur, etc.)
▸ For sketchy customs, I'd prefer a LOT more creative freedom, but again don't mind prompts for themes such as motifs, images for inspiration, etc. and am absolutely open to doing corrections.

Tiny Icon: $60 USD

A simple little headshot of your character! Some features will be resized to fit within the canvas.

Treat YCH: $85 USD

A sketchy icon of your character enjoying any kind of treat!▸ Predetermined pose, expression changes are OK, just ask!
Background is flat color and simple items/patterns only

Icon: $120 USD

A close-up and cropped shoulders-up illustration of your character! Perfect for use as social media or character profile avatars.Connecting icons are +$80 each, can extend horizontally or vertically
Background can be colors/patterns, pride flags, free-to-use photos, environment
Props and items are welcome!

Badge: $200+ USD

Waist-up illustration of your character, featuring their name and fitting motifs. Badge colored for digital display only, but clients may edit the colors for print if desired! Transparent versions included.Single character only
Background can be colors/patterns, items, free-to-use photos
Props and items are welcome, but may increase price if complicated

Mini: $100 USD

A tiny simple chibi of your character! Fullbodies of small and very simple Pokemon characters will be priced as this option.Single character only
Background will be flat color or simple pattern
Props and items are welcome, but may increase price if complicated

Chibi: $200 USD

A chibi of your character! Fullbodies of small/medium or simple Pokemon characters will be priced as this option.Single character only
Partner Pokemon is +$50, small and simple Pokemon only
Background will be flat color or simple pattern
Props and items are welcome, but may increase price if complicated

Fullbody: $300 USD

A fullbody illustration of your characters! Fullbodies of large, anthro or complicated Pokemon characters will be priced as this option.Additional characters are +$180 each
Pokemon team is +$70 per Pokemon
Background will be simple and can be colors/patterns, items, free-to-use photos, simple environment, etc. A fully rendered environment is available in illustrations.
Props and items are welcome, but may increase price if complicated

Header: $350 USD

Give me a scene, prompt, theme or mood, and I'll draw you a banner that works well as a profile header!Additional characters are +$75 USD each
Background can be flat color, patterns, borders, environment, items, etc!

Custom Design: $300+ USD

I'd love to design you a brand new character! I can design:Humanoids - fantasy creatures like mermaids, sphinxes, and centaurs are accepted.
Anthros / Furries - I enjoy designing dragons, mammals, birds, some insects (beetles, moths, etc) and tailed primates. I am also happy designing gummy/goo, food, pooltoy, or plush characters!
Pokemon and Digimon - anthro, gijinka, or quad body types! I'll work with any canon forms such as mega, gigantamax, shinies, and can even do fusions, type swaps, etc.
Dragons - western dragons, wyverns, drakes, and lung dragons are my favorites! I am happy to "dragonify" your character, or even design some fan characters such as Night Furies.
-----Base price includes: one fullbody, text, and color palette. Text can include info like: name, species, pronouns, design notes, typing/movesets, abilities etc.Additional Fullbody: $140+ USD for an extra fullbody such as a full outfit or back view. Minor design changes can be included (alternate palette or optional markings/accessories, for example.) Major changes such as an alternate form will cost extra.
Headshot: $60 USD for a headshot of the character, which can better showcase facial features, various hairstyles or accessories, and optional / alternate features and details, or even expressions.
Details: $15+ USD per item or detail shot! Show off a character's inventory or favorite items, mobility aids, tattoo close-ups, accessories, eyes, etc... or, add decoration to the reference layout. Larger or complicated details will cost extra.

Anthro Examples

Humanoid Examples

Pokemon & Digimon Examples

Dragon Examples

On-Base Custom Design: $130 USD

I can design anything that fits onto this general base shape, including anthros, humanoids, Pokemon gijinkas, etc.Extra limbs and clothing/accessories are accepted, though this commission option doesn't include any add-ons such as additional fullbodies or alternate palettes.The design itself doesn't have to be completely symmetrical, and each design has unique lineart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tell us about yourself?

I'm Max! I'm a nonbinary butch lesbian, and am autistic and ADHD. I'm an avid coffee drinker, dog lover, and Pokemon fanatic. My hobbies include video games, scrapbooking, TTRPGs, and worldbuilding my personal story projects.

What tablet / art program / brushes do you use?

I use the Huion H610 Pro tablet and MediBang Paint Pro for my art program. As for brushes, I mostly use the marker brush for lining and coloring, but for painting, soft shading, texture or blending I use the watercolor, fluffy watercolor, acrylic, sumi, and stipple/splatter brushes.

How long have you been drawing?

I've been drawing, creating characters, and worldbuilding ever since I can remember! I started taking commissions in high school around 2014, but didn't begin relying solely on income from commissions until 2017 when I started college. Now, art is my full-time job and I work from home.

What mediums do you work with?

I primarily work with digital illustration for work, but I greatly enjoy working with traditional mediums too. My favorite traditional mediums are pencil, pen/inks, and alcohol markers but I also use colored pencils, crayons, and mixed media / stationary (stickers, washi tape, stamps, etc). I very occasionally paint with acrylics. I share my traditional and personal art on my Patreon!

Are you a self-taught artist? Have you gone to school for art?

I'm mostly self-taught when it comes to illustration, but did a lot of art extracurriculars in K-12. I took college courses for web & graphic design, marketing and art fundamentals, and graduated in 2019 with an Associate's Degree in Advertising and Graphic Design.

What do you love drawing?

Some subjects I have a lot of fun with are humanoids, centaurs, Pokemon, airplane dragons, African wild dogs, and long-tailed primates. I enjoy working with warm or saturated colors and generally cozy or domestic scenes, poses, etc. I'm still getting used to working with perspective, foreshortening, dynamic poses, and scenes with character/environment interaction. Other things I like drawing include sunflowers, beaches, coffee, food, sushi, rainbows, feathered wings, stars...

How can I get a commission?

I advertise on my socials when slots are open. I also offer some extra patron-only commission options over on my Patreon. I correspond with clients through email or Twitter DMs. I rarely turn down a commission, but my slots are not strictly first come first serve.

How much creative freedom do you prefer for commissions?

I prefer a good bit of creative freedom! I don't want the entire composition of a commission written out in a paragraph for me to follow. I prefer being given a general idea, theme, pose, or at least some idea of what the character's personality is like or what motifs fit them - those are all good sources of inspiration for commissions. I will translate a character's design into my style while doing my best to remain accurate to the given reference.

Would you draw fanart for commissions?

I always love drawing Pokemon fanart - especially Mystery Dungeon or anything Johto or Sinnoh since those are my favorite generations / aesthetics. Other media I'd probably be okay drawing commissions for are Digimon (only the monsters) Minecraft, Flight Rising, Animal Crossing, and How To Train Your Dragon.

Would you draw my ocs interacting with yours?

I'd be okay with drawing your character with Maximilian! They run a coffee shop which my Patreon and Ko-fi are themed after, so could take your character's order or serve them up some coffee or other treats. I may be open to drawing other character interactions in commissions for friends or long-time acquaintances.

Can I get ___ file for a commission?

If you need a commission to be a specific size or dimension, please bring it up before I get started on your piece. For some commissions I work on specific sized canvases and cannot provide any larger versions without loss of quality. For sketchy or illustrative commission types, I work with paintover rendering, which prevents me from providing transparent / character-only versions.I always provide commissioners with the unwatermarked and full resolution file of a commission.


Twitter / Discord @ Dracononite --- [email protected]

If you're looking to get a commission or have business inquiries: DM me on Twitter or Discord (@Dracononite), shoot me an email (maxhamiltonarts@gmail), or fill out the contact form below while my commissions are open.I work and answer business DMs Monday-Friday and will not answer DMs or emails on weekends. Delays in correspondence may occur due to an episodic health condition, so please allow a few days at least for me to get back to you.If you're waiting for a commission, you can check my Trello commission queue, or reach out to me directly for progress updates. If you'd like to keep up with commission slot openings, you can follow me on Twitter or join my art sales Discord.

Please note that email responses might end up in your spam folder! Be sure to check your spam folder if you use the contact form or only give an email as a primary way of contacting you. I will not respond to empty or conversational emails or DMs.

Terms of Service

I will draw & design...

▸ Anthro & furry characters
▸ Human & humanoid characters
▸ Fantasy creatures including mermaids, centaurs, angels, sphinxes
▸ Quadrupedal dragons (including Flight Rising)
▸ Pokemon, Digimon and fusions
▸ Pride-themed pieces (including LGBTQ+, autism, disability)
▸ Unique proportions, heavy scarring, amputated limbs
▸ Disabled characters, prosthetics, mobility aids, service animals

I will not draw or design...

▸ Gore or gross injuries
▸ 18+ and adult or fetish themes
▸ Unrealistically or extremely obese or muscular characters
▸ Parody, offensive humor, hateful themes and slurs
▸ Most basic quadrupedal or feral animal characters
▸ "Draw-overs" of photos or selfies
▸ Real people or pets or cartoonized versions of them

1. General Terms

▸ I have the right to update my terms of service at my discretion, which applies to all clients past, current, and future.
▸ I have the right to refuse or cancel a commission or design purchase and charge additional fees including for commercial licensing.
▸ I retain artist rights over all of my work and may display any commissions and character designs in my portfolios and social medias.
▸ By commissioning me or buying any of my character designs you agree to my terms of service and state that it is a binding contract.
▸ You must be 18+ years of age to commission me or purchase adoptables from me.
▸ It is strictly prohibited to trace, edit, or claim my artwork or designs as one's own, or to remove or obscure my watermark, signature, or credit.
▸ Prices listed are in USD and do not include North Carolina tax, which is 7%. I am required by law to tax digital goods as a registered business.
▸ No artwork or media created by me may be used in AI-generation, cyptocurrency or NFT/blockchain-related technology.
▸ Violators of my terms of service, depending on the severity of the transgression, may be blacklisted from future business.

2. Contact & Payment

To order a commission, contact me when slots are open! You can DM me on Twitter or Discord, or email maxhamiltonarts@gmail.I accept payment through Paypal and Stripe invoices. If you'd like to tip me you can do so when paying the invoice, or by visiting my Ko-fi. If no payment is received within ten days of invoicing, the commission will be canceled unless a payment plan has been discussed. Payment plans may be available upon request and will have to be paid through Paypal invoice. Payments must be completed in full before work will begin on your commission or design files & ownership will be transferred to the buyer.A clear visual reference of the character(s) is required for commissions. I do not accept patchwork refs or written descriptions except for custom design commissions. I may accept a character change if I feel I can work well with the new design and prompt, and only before I begin working on your commission. Design updates to the existing character are accepted within reason.If you need to back out of an offer, bid or claim on a character design or adoptable for any reason, please notify me. If I believe you are genuinely attempting to scam me you may be blocked and/or blacklisted from future business.

3. Commission Process & Receiving Art

Works in progress will be sent throughout the commission for approval and edit requests. You are allowed to ask for updates and changes at any time, and can even draw over WIPs to show edits you'd like. I can only do minor corrections once I am most of the way through a commission.Turnaround time for commissions usually ranges between 1-3 months depending on how large the commission is. Commissioners will be notified of any major delays in turnaround time. I work Monday-Friday and will usually not answer DMs or emails on weekends.Commissioners will receive the unwatermarked and full resolution file, as well as a lower resolution and watermarked version. This is the only version I will share on my portfolios and social media to prevent art or character theft, and I encourage clients to do the same.

4. Fees & Refunds

Upcharges of 30% the commission's price will be enacted with:▸ Request to complete the commission by a deadline (I must be notified of this deadline upon ordering of the commission)
- a deadline within two weeks will enact a +100% upcharge and is not available for some larger commission options.
▸ Request for a private commission, which would remain unposted to any social medias or art galleries, including Patreon/Ko-fi
▸ Major edits once I am far along on a commission
▸ More than one total re-sketch of the commission, if requested
If a cancellation or refund is requested at any time during the commission process, or if I choose to cancel a commission and issue a refund, a fee will be deducted from the refund depending on the stage of work your commission was at. A refund will not be issued if your commission has been completed. Tips are non-refundable.▸ Not started: 95% refund.
▸ Sketch: 75% refund.
▸ Lineart / Color: 30% refund
▸ Render: 10% refund
No matter the status of your commission, if you ask for a cancellation and refund, you are prohibited from using the commission and will not receive unwatermarked or full resolution files. All works-in-progress are watermarked to prevent unauthorized use of commission work.

5. Commissioned Artwork Permissions

Personal Use
▸ Personal use of commissions by the recipient is freely allowed and includes: social media avatars and banners, sharing on your galleries and social medias and in character profiles, as personal emotes or printed as stickers or prints for your use only. Credit can simply be a username plug.
Commercial Use
▸ Commercial use such as physical or digital merchandise, stream graphics, branding and/or advertisement must be directly discussed with me beforehand, and is not allowed without purchase of a commercial licensing fee and/or artist royalties.
▸ Full artwork ownership rights are not included with commercial rights and I as the artist will retain the right to display the artwork on my social medias and portfolios. Resale of commercial rights to commissioned artwork is strictly prohibited.Credit for artwork used for commercial use is required and must be provided as a visibly obvious username and a link to this website.

6. Character Design Permissions

Personal and commercial rights are purchased by default alongside my character designs.▸ The owner of a character design may use that design as a personal character, a business mascot, for digital or physical merchandise, fursuits, plushes, and even as a character in comics, zines, etc.▸ You may not use my original art of a character design for commercial purposes. You must instead use your own art or art that you've commissioned with a commercial use contract, either from myself or another artist.▸ A design may be bought with the intention of creating a plush or fursuit and reselling as a pre-made.▸ Owners of my designs are prohibited from creating an open or closed species based on that design or its unique traits. I am not open to creating open or closed species as commissions.▸ You may resell, trade or gift any of my designs at your own discretion. It is prohibited to resell a design of mine for more than you purchased it for unless you have personally created or commissioned more content for that design.▸ Feel free to edit a design of mine that you own in any way. Editing over my original artwork of the design to do so is allowed. If you buy an adoptable directly from me, I can make requested edits to the design within reason.▸ You must include all versions and derivatives of a design when selling, trading or gifting. You forfeit all personal and commercial rights to a design once it leaves your possession, and those rights are then transferred to the new owner.Credit for a character design is required, as is credit for the original version of all derivatives of a design. This can be as simple as a design credit on a character's Toyhouse profile or a username plug, and must remain easily accessible.

7. Lineart Base & Downloadable Resources Permissions

▸ Lineart bases purchased in my shop may be used for profit such as YCHs, custom designs, and adoptable character designs.▸ Downloadable resources outside of lineart bases such as icon packs or coloring pages, and lineart bases that are available in my shop for free, may NOT be used for profit in any way.▸ Commercial use of any digital downloadable such as branding, promotion and advertising, or merchandise is strictly prohibited.▸ Personal use such as recoloring lineart bases as your own characters and by extension, using that artwork in a character's art gallery or as the character's avatar, is allowed. You may also use lineart bases that you have edited as social media avatars or banners. Please do not use any non-base resources such as wallpapers, icon packs and coloring pages as social media avatars or banners.▸ You may edit the artwork of lineart bases, coloring pages, and downloadable resources as much as you like as long as the artwork remains free of sexually explicit or hateful / discriminatory material.▸ Reselling, rebranding, or redistributing any downloadable source files originally created by me, edited or otherwise, is strictly prohibited.Credit may be as simple as a username plug, though links or recommendations to my shop or social medias is very appreciated!